Monday, November 26, 2012

"So We May Never Forget Why We Walk"

I walk, every year, in honor of my mom, Muriel Kessler, my childhood friend Cynthia, and my friends Phyllis and Bee.  All these women are survivors and I dedicate my walk to them.
I wrote about Maureen Flynn a lovely young woman who lost her battle earlier this year. I made a promise that I would walk in memory of Mrs. Flynn and that was one of the promises I kept.

I wrote her name on this memorial flag that was raised at opening ceremonies.

Mom's and Cynthia's and Phyllis' and Bee's names went on another banner for all to see that first day.
I will never forget why I have walked 420 Komen miles.  
I would be happy not to have to walk another Komen mile.

While on route, one of the crew always told Burt 
"This is my last year."
"Why?" Burt would always ask.
"Because this is the year they find a cure." he always responded.
This is the year ...
I would be delighted to never walk another Komen mile!

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