Sunday, December 2, 2012

OMG ... or ... Why I Can't Go Back!

This is was me.
 It is important for me to really ... I mean REALLY SEE what I looked like just over a year ago.
We were in Atlanta and every day I went on and on about how I had to lose weight.  Lesley was so patient for three days.  It's hard enough to walk 20 miles each day ... but to listen to me drone on and on about what I had to do must have driven her crazy!  Finally she said, without a change in tone, "Stop talking and do something about it."
October 31st was the day I took Lesley's advice and went to Weight Watchers.
Getting on the scale was not fun ... but not a surprise because I had been "that number", plus-or-minus a few pounds, for a while.
Weight Watchers was not a new thing for me, but I was hoping determined to make it work this time.  If you read my old blog, you know that I measured my losses in sticks of butter ... thanks to Bee who was also "on her weigh" down. I just checked back and, on December 1, 2011, I had lost 7.8 pounds ... almost 32 sticks of butter. (Do you see why "sticks of butter" sounds so much better?!) Since then, I have lost another 42 pounds or so ... like another 168 sticks ... and it feels good.  No friends,  it feels GREAT!
So this is a gratitude post.
I am thankful that Lesley quietly told me, in so many words, shut-up and take control.
I am grateful for Weight Watchers and that diary that I used in the beginning of my "battle with the bulge"
I am lucky to be on this journey with Bee ... who has lost somewhere in the vicinity of 320 sticks of butter!

I am here now ...
... and I am NOT GOING BACK!
That is a promise ... and you can hold me to it!
(Yeah, I know, I keep posting that picture ... but I like it ... so you might see it again.  The end.)


  1. Great post! You look wonderful, our svelte friend!

  2. Wow Roberta, great job! Of course, I think you are a beautiful person, inside and out.

  3. Lady, you rock. I know it's not easy to make changes and get results, but you've done it! And now I *really* want something slathered in butter!