Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Captain Sandy

Oh how I love this season!
This is Sandy and me at her tree trimming party Sunday.
Sandy is the captain of New York Walkers Gone Miles. 
Boston will be her 10th walk.
When walking on event, it is not unusual to hear "This is my 4th walk." or "This is my 10th walk."  3-Dayers are passionate about these events and once you walk 60 miles ... you're sort of hooked!
This is what I wrote on my 3-Day page ... 
No other breast cancer event in the country asks us to walk as far or raise as much money as the 3-Day. It is simply the boldest thing we can do in the fight to end breast cancer ... 
Knowing that we're doing something BOLD makes it great! 
My Fundraising Roll is scrolling!  It's not even 2013 and I am on my way!  Thank you to my first donor!  I think you are reading this! 

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