Sunday, December 30, 2012


I know ... this is my 3-day blog and my posts are related to my training, breast cancer, and Susan G. Komen.
  But the event in Newtown hurt me... hurt us ALL the core.  I wasn't sure of what I could do until I received this email today:

"People the world over have been deeply touched by the horrific events in Newtown, CT. 
Love for children and families is at the core of everything we are, and everything we do at Hadassah.
Veronique Pozner requested that trees be planted in Israel in memory of her son Noah z"l.  Planting new saplings that can live on in memory of the children and adults of Sandy Hook Elementary School is most appropriate. To memorialize them a grove of trees in the Hadassah Forest of the Beersheva River Park in Israel will be planted."
So ... I planted a tree.
We practice three drills in our school:  lock down; intruder; fire.
I am sure the teachers in Newtown do the same.
The teachers and administrators knew what to do that day... but there was no stopping the intruder.

A grove of trees will be planted in memory of this little boy, his friends, and the adults who loved him ...

Noah Pozner.

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