Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'll Wear Mine

This bracelet came in the mail from the 3-Day.  Walkers on the "You Know You're a Susan G. Komen Walker When ..."  were very excited to receive it.  Thanks, 3-Day.  You didn't have to ... but I will wear it!
Cousin Baz, a BIG supporter, has given me a challenge.  No ... I don't have to dye my hair pink, Thumper.  I am leaving that up to you!  He challenged me to wear an R. Federman + Sons t-shirt. Reuben Federman was our great grandfather and R. Federman + Sons was a family business. I am looking for the logo, which is not easy to find.  I'm going to have an amazing shirt designed and I am going to wear it ... and expect Baz to wear it, too. 
Challenges are fun, 'eh?
I have raised $245 so far.

1 comment:

  1. Keep an eye on the band on that thing...I discovered pretty quick that it unties a little too easily...

    Probably a good thing you're just doing a t-shirt. Hair dyeing is a slippery slope...and itchy.