Saturday, January 5, 2013


There are plenty of signs on the 60 mile route.
Some messages are stronger ...

... than others!

But all are meant to motivate the walkers!


The You Know You Are A Susan G. Komen Walker When ...
Facebook group recently posted a request to share a favorite saying on the 3-day.  The first few make walkers smile:

"Is it a real mile, or a Komen mile?"
"Just how far IS a Komen Mile?"
"Just over the hill"
"Camp--1 Mile!"
and ... my favorite ...
"Does the ass make my tutu look big?"

Some are a bit more inspirational:

"I walk so my kids won't have to."
"Cancer is a word ... not a sentence."
"Some angels have wings, others wear sneakers."
"Blisters are better than chemo"
and ... my favorite ...
"Dear Complete Strangers:  Thanks for Walking."

Finally ... there's always that sign that gets you.  It's the one that everyone talks or writes about.
The little girl holding this sign was standing on the Boston Route a few years ago.

... and so ... I will.
Let this be the year!


  1. The little girl with the sign... her name is Zoie, and she's now pretty active in the Youth Corp. Jim Hillman snapped a picture of her in Boston and then carried in on his back in San Francisco for inspiration--another walker who was right behind him recognized her because she babysat Zoie. Now they're practically family...kind of shows how small the world really is...

    Oh....and the smaller paycheck--we were not happy either. Payroll tax deduction expired and it was one of the things Obama compromised on in the whole fiscal cliff fiasco. Paychecks are going to be 2% lighter. Since we just lost 12K a year, another 2% is like OUCH...

  2. awww, what a sweet little girl... and yes, i'll be home friday!

    smiles, bee