Friday, March 29, 2013


My lucky number is 18. 

18 is "chai" ... Or "life".

 I was born on the 18th day of June ... So 618 or any combination is especially lucky.  Today I officially raised $681.  I am off to a very lucky start.  

Speaking of lucky, I had two nights of family this Passover ... and I have had the PLEASURE of being with my beautiful mom since Sunday. Today she will return to Florida.  She's pretty great for 88 1/2!  Flew in by herself ... Maneuvered around the house ... Knock on wood ... Poo poo poo! 

Mom is lucky that her breast cancer was caught early enough that she didn't need therapy after her lumpectomy.

So, the letters went out last night via e-mail blast.  Pushing the "send" key is always the hardest part ... asking year after year for the support of friends and family is the most difficult part of this journey for me.

The first step has been taken!


  1. The worst anyone can say to a fundraising letter is "Nope," and everyone is probably expecting a letter. If you didn't send one, people would be all, "Oh why didn't you ask ME? You always ask me!" and then there would be pouting and foot stomping. Maybe even wailing. And crying. So hitting send on the're sparing FEELINGS. ;)

  2. Pouting? Foot stomping? Wailing? Crying? Get me a phone book! I'm sending letters to all of PW and surrounding towns! Thanks Thumper!