Saturday, March 30, 2013

816 ... Lucky Again!

Look at this! Another 2 donations and my new total is $816 If you read my blog yesterday ... Any combination of 6-1-8 is good luck for me! So thank you Melanie and Carol! Things are looking GREAT!
Today was my first training walk of the season. We walked 13.5 miles. It was a small group of 4. The city was relatively quiet due to Easter I am sure. We started from Penn and took the Highline ... A favorite route for me.

Spring is popping up between the railroad tracks!

Here is Sarge's favorite sculpture ..."EYES". It's fenced in so we weren't able to gather 'round ... But I was able to convince a handsome Frenchman to take our picture in front of the fence ...

There's too much "headroom" in this photo. Oh well, he is forgiven because he picked up points for being charming.
There are other photos but these are the best today.
Now that my favorite Auntie Bee ...

taught me how to use my iPad for blogging, I will be an active blogger ...
Maybe Jeter will start blogging, too! You never know!

Friday, March 29, 2013


My lucky number is 18. 

18 is "chai" ... Or "life".

 I was born on the 18th day of June ... So 618 or any combination is especially lucky.  Today I officially raised $681.  I am off to a very lucky start.  

Speaking of lucky, I had two nights of family this Passover ... and I have had the PLEASURE of being with my beautiful mom since Sunday. Today she will return to Florida.  She's pretty great for 88 1/2!  Flew in by herself ... Maneuvered around the house ... Knock on wood ... Poo poo poo! 

Mom is lucky that her breast cancer was caught early enough that she didn't need therapy after her lumpectomy.

So, the letters went out last night via e-mail blast.  Pushing the "send" key is always the hardest part ... asking year after year for the support of friends and family is the most difficult part of this journey for me.

The first step has been taken!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Using An iPad to Post is Not Easy ... And It Gets Crazy in the End

Wow ... It has been a long time.
Although it was a long winter, it really feels like spring is just around the corner and that means I should be pulling on the size 9s and getting out for a walkabout!
There is a Saturday training walk ... So I might just do it!
In other news:
The computer crashed a while ago.  Let's see how well I can post using the iPad.  I need to do a little research as to how I can post a photo or two.
A week and a half ago, Ronnie had surgery for a detached retina.  I made light of it, but it was quite serious.  He was out of work for just over a week. He hasn't been active, and, if you know my husband, that is NOT easy.  He finally went back to work yesterday and, although very tired, he has to feel better getting back into his routine.  This morning, as I drove him to his ride into the city, he wondered aloud if he would ever feel better.  Pretty scary.
We are in the middle of Passover week.  Mom is here from Florida, and although she hasn't ventured out of the house since her arrival, she is great!  We had two Seders with mostly family.  If hosting a Seder, this holiday does NOT start at sundown.  It starts at least a week before!  There is a lot of preparation, even if you don't "change the house."  (change all the dishes, silverware, cookware, and "sell" all the leavened food.) School was open Monday for a snow day we had to mak e up, and when I asked for a personal day due to religious observance, the answer was "Passover starts at sundown."Yeah ... If you're a guest.  
Passover means lots of foods I haven't eaten in a long time.  If I don't get back to a normal routine, my cute Lululemon's aren't going to look so cute as I drag my lovely arse to Zumba class!
Jeter is lying next to me as I wris Te ...  So you know. Jeter isLIVE AND WELL .
The end.