Saturday, March 30, 2013

816 ... Lucky Again!

Look at this! Another 2 donations and my new total is $816 If you read my blog yesterday ... Any combination of 6-1-8 is good luck for me! So thank you Melanie and Carol! Things are looking GREAT!
Today was my first training walk of the season. We walked 13.5 miles. It was a small group of 4. The city was relatively quiet due to Easter I am sure. We started from Penn and took the Highline ... A favorite route for me.

Spring is popping up between the railroad tracks!

Here is Sarge's favorite sculpture ..."EYES". It's fenced in so we weren't able to gather 'round ... But I was able to convince a handsome Frenchman to take our picture in front of the fence ...

There's too much "headroom" in this photo. Oh well, he is forgiven because he picked up points for being charming.
There are other photos but these are the best today.
Now that my favorite Auntie Bee ...

taught me how to use my iPad for blogging, I will be an active blogger ...
Maybe Jeter will start blogging, too! You never know!

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