Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Whirlwind Trip Home ... And Back

My nephew, Jordan Kessler, is an amazing artist and photographer. I took a quick trip home to Beantown to see his graduate thesis exhibit at the Mass College of Art yesterday. I am really proud of this smart, talented, sensitive man.

I left Commack upon dismissal Friday and made it to Orient Point with time to spare for the 5:00 Ferry to Connecticut.

Here is my attempt at being a creative photographer. (mirror view of cars parked on the ferry)

I arrived in my hometown (Natick) to have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law ... Then enjoyed a night alone in a hotel on route 9 ... which is NOTHING LIKE I REMEMBER!

I woke early for a walk that I hoped would take me back to Wethersfield ... but I stayed in Cochituate ...

I enjoyed the quiet after the craziness of route 9!

Walking out of the park, I noticed these 4 boats lined up. I like this ... adds up to 18 which is my lucky number!

I am lucky in that I was able to spend time with two wonderful men ... Jordan and my Uncle Mark

And later ...

...Cynthia ... For whom I walk 60 miles every year.

We left Jordan and The Fenway and drove back to Dedham, and, after a short visit with Audrey and Mark, I was on my way to the Mass Pike. But I couldn't resist a quick turn off my route and trip back to my home in South Natick ... and a visit with my friend Ben.

It was a perfect 24 hours.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Brunch With The Girls and a Training Walk in NY

I met my girls at a lovely little restaurant on 81st for brunch yesterday. It was great to be together. Yes ... I enjoyed a Bloody Mary with my meal. Very tasty.

I figure the walk from Penn to 81st and the East River is about 4 miles or so ... and then another 4 miles back makes a training walk. Penn Station was full of Rangers fans coming back from the game. The train to Port was packed so I stood all the way. Is that like walking an additional 19.6 miles? I guess not.

Zumba was great tonight. I know Jamilette's routine ... Stand right in front ... And smile for an hour straight! I really needed it. I will have to find another class to take as Doreen is recovering and canceling all classes until next fall.

Captain Sandy told me I have been quiet in the blogosphere. I will try to do better, Cap'n!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doreen Down But Not Out!

The Commack Zumba ladies and I received this email today:

"Doreen asked me to email you to let you know that she had a heart attack, but is doing well. She will have to cancel this Thursday’s Zumba class and will let you know when she will be able to return to Zumba. She did want me to let you know that the doctor said Zumba saved her life by making her heart muscle stronger."

First, let me say that I am relieved that my friend is doing well and I pray for her very speedy recovery. Next, let me say thank God Zumba made her heart strong. Finally ... how crazy is she that she wanted us to know that she is canceling Thursday's class? I am sending you lots of love Doreen. WEPA!
Jamilet canceled Zumba Monday night. She called in sick. What's happening to my Zumba peeps? Just wonderin'!

Can't post without saying ... my heart is broken for those lives forever changed in Boston yesterday. I will never EVER understand such cruelty.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Training Walk-4/14/2013

Burt says I can write "15 miles" so I will. We were three walkers, Burt, Lesley, and I. We started at the regular spot and walked to 119th Street then turned around and walked Riverside Park to the Village where we had pizza. Delicious pizza. REALLY delicious pizza. (I am a little worried about weigh-in tomorrow!) We picked up TY for a bit of a walk, then Burt and I hoofed it back to Penn Station ... except I veered off to visit my ...

... grand dog ... Reggie Jackson ... who is so cute I can't stand it. Oh yes ... Sashi and Mike were there, too!
Out tonight with my girls ... which rounded out a wonderful day.
And now ... off to bed with Jete ... and my healing husband!
Boobies y'all.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Taking Ronnie Out For A Walk

It was time to cheer my damaged man up a bit. After retina surgery, then an attack of plantar fasciitis, and finally (and I sincerely hope this is the last issue for a long while) a tooth that suddenly disappeared ... that's right ... disappeared ... Ronnie was feeling a bit under the weather, so I insisted we take a train into the city and walk down to see our new grand-dog, Reginald Martinez Jackson. Cute Borkie puppy, 'eh? If that wasn't fun enough, I took him to walk the High Line and then out to brunch in the (oh so fun) meat packing district. We walked back to Penn Station via the High Line ... Really hoofing it this time. It was good for Ronnie ... and it was a 6 mile training walk for me. Good all around!
In other news, I finally graduated from my Blackberry to a big girl phone ... the iPhone. Talk about fun! My fat fingers are even able to type with minimal typos.
The weather is warming up this week and I am looking forward to a nice, slightly longer, training walk next weekend. Who knows ... maybe Ronnie will join!
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Reconnecting With Cindy

For some reason my friend Cindy and I lost touch. These things happen. The other day, I received a friend request on Facebook and now we have reconnected. That's a good thing. Little surprises from out of the blue can make your day, you know? Either she did a little "Roberta research" or our mutual friend, Joyce, told her about my involvement with SGK. Well, it seems that she is very involved ...

"I have been involved with Komen for many years having a Race for Cure team in memory of my Mom. Am co-chairing Luncheon this year and journal chair. Am a two time breast cancer survivor myself and will always fight for this disease in the hopes my daughter does not get it in her lifetime - we do not have the gene."

So ... I will add another name to the list of those for whom I walk. Two time breast cancer survivor. It is hard to wrap my head around it.

Here is our team, "New York Walkers Gone Miles", logo.

Nice job Sandy, Team Captain extraordinaire! I don't know about a team t-shirt ... I do know, however, I will be sporting a special t-shirt designed by Cousin Baz on the 2nd day. Unlike Thumper, I will not be taking the plunge and dying my hair pink ... But I will wear the shirt!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

816 ... Lucky Again!

Look at this! Another 2 donations and my new total is $816 If you read my blog yesterday ... Any combination of 6-1-8 is good luck for me! So thank you Melanie and Carol! Things are looking GREAT!
Today was my first training walk of the season. We walked 13.5 miles. It was a small group of 4. The city was relatively quiet due to Easter I am sure. We started from Penn and took the Highline ... A favorite route for me.

Spring is popping up between the railroad tracks!

Here is Sarge's favorite sculpture ..."EYES". It's fenced in so we weren't able to gather 'round ... But I was able to convince a handsome Frenchman to take our picture in front of the fence ...

There's too much "headroom" in this photo. Oh well, he is forgiven because he picked up points for being charming.
There are other photos but these are the best today.
Now that my favorite Auntie Bee ...

taught me how to use my iPad for blogging, I will be an active blogger ...
Maybe Jeter will start blogging, too! You never know!