Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doreen Down But Not Out!

The Commack Zumba ladies and I received this email today:

"Doreen asked me to email you to let you know that she had a heart attack, but is doing well. She will have to cancel this Thursday’s Zumba class and will let you know when she will be able to return to Zumba. She did want me to let you know that the doctor said Zumba saved her life by making her heart muscle stronger."

First, let me say that I am relieved that my friend is doing well and I pray for her very speedy recovery. Next, let me say thank God Zumba made her heart strong. Finally ... how crazy is she that she wanted us to know that she is canceling Thursday's class? I am sending you lots of love Doreen. WEPA!
Jamilet canceled Zumba Monday night. She called in sick. What's happening to my Zumba peeps? Just wonderin'!

Can't post without saying ... my heart is broken for those lives forever changed in Boston yesterday. I will never EVER understand such cruelty.

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