Sunday, April 7, 2013

Taking Ronnie Out For A Walk

It was time to cheer my damaged man up a bit. After retina surgery, then an attack of plantar fasciitis, and finally (and I sincerely hope this is the last issue for a long while) a tooth that suddenly disappeared ... that's right ... disappeared ... Ronnie was feeling a bit under the weather, so I insisted we take a train into the city and walk down to see our new grand-dog, Reginald Martinez Jackson. Cute Borkie puppy, 'eh? If that wasn't fun enough, I took him to walk the High Line and then out to brunch in the (oh so fun) meat packing district. We walked back to Penn Station via the High Line ... Really hoofing it this time. It was good for Ronnie ... and it was a 6 mile training walk for me. Good all around!
In other news, I finally graduated from my Blackberry to a big girl phone ... the iPhone. Talk about fun! My fat fingers are even able to type with minimal typos.
The weather is warming up this week and I am looking forward to a nice, slightly longer, training walk next weekend. Who knows ... maybe Ronnie will join!
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  1. love the iphone! love love love it. hugs to ronnie and to you as well...


  2. Sounds like a good day all around (especially the iPhone part!) :)

  3. Why do I have this vision of you clipping a leash to his belt loop and leading him around...? I hope he's feeling a whole lot better!