Monday, April 22, 2013

Brunch With The Girls and a Training Walk in NY

I met my girls at a lovely little restaurant on 81st for brunch yesterday. It was great to be together. Yes ... I enjoyed a Bloody Mary with my meal. Very tasty.

I figure the walk from Penn to 81st and the East River is about 4 miles or so ... and then another 4 miles back makes a training walk. Penn Station was full of Rangers fans coming back from the game. The train to Port was packed so I stood all the way. Is that like walking an additional 19.6 miles? I guess not.

Zumba was great tonight. I know Jamilette's routine ... Stand right in front ... And smile for an hour straight! I really needed it. I will have to find another class to take as Doreen is recovering and canceling all classes until next fall.

Captain Sandy told me I have been quiet in the blogosphere. I will try to do better, Cap'n!

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